About Us

Mission and Vision

At Planet Sherston, our mission is to foster a love for knowledge and curiosity in children of all ages. Inspired by the notion that learning should be fun, we aim to create an interactive platform that engages students, empowers educators, and enhances the educational experience. Our vision is to revolutionize education by providing a comprehensive and accessible digital learning environment.


Planet Sherston was established in 2010 by Michael Cannon, an esteemed entrepreneur and education philanthropist with a passion for knowledge and technology. Cannon witnessed the evolving landscape of education and identified a need for a dynamic and innovative learning resource that caters to the diverse learning styles of modern students. Combining his expertise in both pedagogy and technology, he gathered a team of experienced and talented individuals to make the dream of Planet Sherston a reality.

Founder – Michael Cannon

Michael Cannon is a visionary leader and a driving force behind Planet Sherston’s success. With a background in education, Cannon recognized the limitations of traditional teaching methods and sought to revolutionize the way children learn. His passion for nurturing young minds inspired him to integrate technology into education, propelling him to the forefront of the ed-tech industry. Cannon’s dedication to excellence, combined with his relentless pursuit of creating an engaging learning platform, shaped Planet Sherston into what it is today.

Website Creation

Planet Sherston embarked on the journey of creating this website to provide educators, parents, and students with a revolutionary platform to supplement traditional learning approaches. We understand that in the digital era, technology can play a pivotal role in enhancing educational outcomes. With this understanding, we committed ourselves to utilizing the power of technology to deliver interactive and immersive content that encourages critical thinking, fosters creativity, and ensures that learning remains a joyful experience.


The objective of our website is to empower educators and inspire students to embrace knowledge. By offering a vast array of resources, activities, and interactive learning tools, we aim to create a seamless bridge between classroom instruction and the students’ quest for knowledge outside the traditional school setting. Our goal is to supplement existing curricula with engaging content that promotes curiosity, unlocks potential, and results in a well-rounded education.

Target Audience

Our target audience encompasses students, educators, and parents seeking creative and technologically advanced educational resources. Whether you are an eager learner looking to expand your knowledge, a teacher searching for innovative teaching materials, or a parent who wants to inspire your child’s intellectual journey, Planet Sherston caters to your needs by tailoring our content to match different age groups and learning levels.

Unique Value

What sets Planet Sherston apart is our commitment to innovation, expertise, and attention to detail. Our team of experienced and highly skilled editors, creators, and educators diligently curates and develops content that aligns with current educational standards. Through our extensive database, we offer interactive lessons, eBooks, games, and other engaging materials that cover various educational subjects. Our unique value lies in the ability to blend educational content with cutting-edge technology seamlessly.

With Planet Sherston, students embark on an educational adventure where learning transcends the boundaries of traditional classrooms and transforms into an engaging, immersive experience. We believe in the power of education to shape brighter futures, and it is our privilege to be the guide on this unprecedented journey of knowledge. Join us at Planet Sherston and discover a world of boundless possibilities.

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