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Oct 18Posted By: Comments: 0Views: 28669
7 Points to Consider when Choosing VLEs and Learning Platforms
Sherston Software's customer service and support guru Peter Mason, discusses seven important points for consideration when choosing VLEs and Learning Platforms....
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Oct 3Posted By: Comments: 1Views: 22391
6 Ways Online Can Make Lesson Planning and Marking Easier
Planet Sherston's chief techy, Karim Derrick, discusses six ways in which online resources can save teachers time by making planning and marking easier....
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Jul 25Posted By: PlanetComments: 0Views: 29866
4 Ways Adaptive Learning Technology Can Improve Education
What is Adaptive Learning? All too often, what happens in a classroom falls short of what we know would be possible if money and resource were no object. In a perfect world, students would work at their own pace, have their own curriculum finely tuned to their own needs, have one-on-one attention throughout and would get detailed and instantaneous ...
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Jul 3Posted By: Peter Comments: 3Views: 28330
Get Boys Engaged in Reading – Throw Away Your Reading Scheme!
In our 'Get Boys Engaged in Reading' blog post this week, Reeza Awoodun, Sherston's customer champion, explains why we will continue to hold back boys if we continue the 'one-size-fits-all' approach when formulating a reading scheme......
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Ignoring the Creative Curriculum Threatens UK Dominance of Creative Industries
In our blog article this week, Sherston's Karim Derrick reflects that whilst the UK is moving towards a more academic, more traditional curriculum, Singapore is moving toward a more creative, more holistic curriculum. Is it possible that this trend will see the UK hand over our competitive advantage in the Creative Industries to our fast growi...
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Jun 1Posted By: PlanetComments: 2Views: 33200
Could the Games Console reduce the need for teachers?
The idea of making lessons more ‘interactive’ and ‘fun’ is not a new one. Teachers have been looking for ways to do this since the first blackboards were introduced into schools, never mind the latest ‘interactive whiteboards’. So what does the future hold for teaching tools? Find out in our latest blog post from Sherston's new tec...
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May 25Posted By: PlanetComments: 3Views: 24211
Don’t Kill Off ICT!
In our Computer Programming blog post this week, Reeza Awoodun, Sherston's customer champion, explains why we are in danger of creating a future ICT curriculum programme that is too narrowly focused and will alienate some children....
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May 14Posted By: PlanetComments: 2Views: 26493
Why Game Based Learning = Good Classroom Practice
In our Game Based Learning blog post this week, Karim Derrick, Sherston's Chief Techy and mathematics educator explains why the rules that govern well designed learning games apply equally well to good classroom practice....
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Apr 26Posted By: PlanetComments: 1Views: 22443
May Day Word Searches
Time for some May Day Fun! You always know Summer Term is well underway when May Day comes around. So we thought we’d put together some fun resources that you can share with your pupils – or even send them home with for the Bank Holiday ...
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Apr 23Posted By: PlanetComments: 1Views: 27524
William Shakespeare’s birthday - free teaching resources
It’s St Georges Day - and, as many of you will know, also the birthday of William Shakespeare. Which got us thinking, how many pupils would know how to offend an Ostler in Shakespeare’s day? Or how to complement a morisco?...
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Apr 19Posted By: PlanetComments: 1Views: 20969
Earth Day 2012 - free classroom resources
Did you know that around one billion people are expected to participate in Earth Day 2012 this Sunday? People from all backgrounds and from countries all around the world will be showing how much they care about our collective home and how much we need to do to protect it. Download our free Planet Sherston resources to use in your classroom....
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Apr 17Posted By: PlanetComments: 0Views: 35343
Key Stage 2 Habitats
Taking your Key Stage 2 class to the local pond is a great way to discover more about your local environment. Weather permitting, you’ll be able to get up close to some intriguing minibeasts and discover their habitats. ...
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Apr 13Posted By: PlanetComments: 5Views: 22773
Greetings from Planet Sherston!
Hi – and welcome to the new Planet Sherston blog. Here, you’ll find the latest news about the world of Planet Sherston, content recommendations and handy hints to make sure that you get the best out of the site! ...
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