Happy new year to you and yours! We hope that you had a great break over the festive season. There's lots to be excited about this year – starting with BETT 2014. The BETT Show is now in it's 30th year and we're one of the few companies with the privilege of saying that it's our 30th year in attendance!  BETT is held now at ExCel London.  We'll be on stand F258 from Wednesday 22nd to Saturday 25th of January. Here's what you'll be able to see when you visit!

2014 Curriculum Ready: Almost 600 New Activities
Planet Sherston provides access to thousands of engaging, online curriculum mapped activities, videos and assessments - all ready for the 2014 curriculum. Our team has worked tirelessly throughout 2013 to bring almost 600 new activities to our selection, which covers English, Maths, Science, the Humanities and Computing. Our activities offer your school the most engaging way of exceeding the objectives of the new Computing curriculum, without hours of drudgery or staff training and without giving your bursar a nasty shock.

“As Planet Sherston is an online resource with 24/7 access to additional tutorials, explanations, downloads and resources that explain the Internet, email, databases and branching databases, graphs and charts our pupils can view these in their own time at home to further improve their Digital Knowledge.” - Simon Widdowson, Porchester Junior School

Learn with Flobot: Now for English, Maths and Science
For two years, pupils at schools the length and breadth of the UK have been benefiting from truly personalised learning in Maths thanks to Planet Sherston's Adaptive Learning engine, Learn with Flobot. Think of Adaptive Learning as a virtual teacher, analysing your pupils' ages and abilities before setting work that's just right for them. Learn with Flobot reinforces what your pupils know already and identifies areas where they require more assistance. All the while, Planet Sherston records their progress, ensuring teachers have everything they need to support their pupils and evidence attainment. Sounds good? It just got even better. At BETT 2014, we're expanding the subject support in Learn with Flobot to cover English and Science too. Planet Sherston empowers your pupils to learn independently, wherever they are, whenever they want.

The improvements don't stop there. Throughout 2014 we're expanding our Adaptive Learning engine to provide a whole range of diagnostic assessments that extends Learn with Flobot's capabilities, not only identifying areas where extra assistance is required but also providing that extra assistance. What's more, this is the start of the Planet Sherston journey on iPad. Throughout 2014, we're bringing Planet Sherston's world of rewards and gaming to mobile – ensuring your pupils are excited about their learning both in the classroom and in their own time.

“With this level of adoption it has enabled the school to use Planet Sherston resources as part of the homework regime and out-of-lesson activities.” - Bob Aspinall, Glan Usk Primary School

Creative HQ
At BETT 2013 we shared a sneak peek of Planet Sherston's dynamic ePortfolio tool, Creative HQ, which allows your pupils to create and evidence work in storyboard form. Creative HQ's tools allow your pupils to work with the computer to create mind maps, draw and design, write, annotate and evidence using a whole range of multimedia – audio, video and stills. New for 2014, we're bringing Creative HQ to the iPad, freeing your students from the ties of a traditional computer and allowing them to be let their creativity flourish wherever they are – in the classroom, in the playground, or on school visits!

Come See Us!
Attendance is free, with hundreds of education technology companies exhibiting and CPD opportunities aplenty and we look forward to extending a warm welcome to the thousands of friends, old and new, who visit us each year. Be sure to make Planet Sherston on stand F258 part of your visit.