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Get Boys Engaged in Reading – Throw Away Your Reading Scheme!
Get Boys Engaged in Reading – Throw Away Your Reading Scheme!
Jul 3Posted By: Peter Views: 28459

I know all of this from experience. My son has been surrounded by books all of his life and was read to as an infant and toddler. The library had always been an important part of our lives (I was a librarian for 7 years). I did everything the experts say parents should do to encourage their child to enjoy reading. But, as he has gotten older and progressed in school, much of his early love for reading has been diminished by the kinds of books he is forced to read in school (or kept from reading because they're not on his age level). At home, he is allowed to read whatever he prefers, which tends to be nonfiction, stories with monsters, and comics. Unfortunately, his school's summer reading list explicitly forbids comics, graphic novels, or "diary books." I'm not sure why the school made this decision but I think that it's a bad one. Parents need to be more vocal about these issues and challenge schools/teachers that continue to teach our sons using the old scheme.
Posted By: Tsasser
20-07-2012 15:34:09
I agree
Posted By: Guest
16-07-2012 13:18:53
Posted By: Guest
12-07-2012 12:50:52
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